Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Witch Song by Amber Argyle

I got this e-book from the publisher for free in return for an honest review.
Brusenna has been an outcast her entire life and suddenly, she is alone. Tired of waiting, she starts a journey to find her mother and the other witches she hadn't known existed before her mother disappeared.
On her journey, she learns of Espen, a witch who is determined to rule the world and destroy the other witches. Senna has to stop her, save her mother and just survive in a world she was completely unprepared for.
With a few new friends, her constant companion and guardian is Joshen, a stable boy with dreams of greatness serving the witches. They set off to find and destroy the one witch no one else has been able to defeat.

I enjoyed this book. I can't say it was my favorite and it took me far too long to read. Part of that may have been because it was an e-book not a "real" book but I can't say for certain. The book just seemed really long. I liked Senna as a character but her lack of confidence started to wear on me just a tiny bit. I loved how she grew though. It wasn't that she was a witch but she became powerful as a person. She discovered her own ability to lead, I think I would have preferred her becoming that person sooner in the book.
Joshen was great and I have no complaints about him. The characters were good but the book only touched on most of the other characters. I can barely remember anyone's name and certainly couldn't distinguish which character was which. The difference in cultures was a little weird since there seemed to be only two "peoples" in all of this world even though the entire world was affected by Espen's evil.
I never really understood why Espen was doing this (a little but there are more questions here that would contain spoilers). I thought the ending was a little too easy and strange.
I must stress that I liked this book but it did fall a little flat for me.

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