Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm by Peg Schafer

Peg Schafer's book is for anyone interested in Chinese natural medicine, gardening, and farming. She takes the time to break down the growing of Chinese herbs from soil preparation to use of the herb.
The first part is a broad overview of Chinese herb farming. Topics range from preserving the plants through farming to quality of herbs grown to growing and harvesting the herbs.
The second part is a detailed description of each herb. She gives detailed information on growing the herb followed by preserving and using the herb. I was amazed at how much information she offered in a short space. It was slightly overwhelming to read but a great resource when read one herb at a time.
I tried to come up with questions I was sure would not be answered to find that the information was easy to find and gave me a complete picture.
There's pest control information along with soil composition.
I really recommend this and am sorry it's fall right now because I can't wait to add some Chinese herbs to my garden.

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