Friday, September 30, 2011

Green River Killer by Jeff Jensen

I grew up with tales of the Green River Killer. My family lived in Western Washington until the mid-80s when we moved to Eastern Washington. We still remember the women who lost their lives to this man, especially since my brother bought a place off the Green River (further south than where the bodies were found). Green River stills gives me chills. Growing up with this tale, it's hard not to be affected by it. When I had the opportunity to select this graphic novel for review, I took it. I knew about the Green River Killer but I didn't really know the case.
I looked at this work as a chance to learn more about the case that deeply infected Washington for over 20 years.
I didn't know until I reached end of the story that Jeff Jensen is the son of the man who led the Green River task force for that time. Tom Jensen was not only the lead detective but returned to the task force as a consultant after his retirement.
This is not a gruesome tale about a serial killer. This is a touching story about the men and women who dedicated their lives to finding a killer long after he stopped killing. This is how the case touched their lives and the lives of those around them. It's a tale of courage and belief that right will prevail.
It's deeply moving. A testiment of our justice system and a reminder that no victim is undeserving of closure.
Jeff Jensen ends the book with this "The Green River Killer's victims were prostitutes, but to their families they were daughters, sisters and mothers." It's this compassion that made his father a great detective.

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