Monday, September 26, 2011

Avatar:The Last Airbender The Lost Adventures

I picked this selection because my son is huge Avatar fan. I've watched some of the cartoon episodes and the movie with him but I can't say I have followed it well. I can't think of anytime I have read an Avatar book either.
Knowing that, I thoroughly enjoyed this graphic novel. This is a collection of stories that have not been previously published. They touch on parts of the Avatar story but do not tell it.
I will say it helps to have some background knowledge of the characters and the world of the last airbender but you do not have to be familiar with the plot to enjoy this collection.
The tales are short and humorous. They would entertain any reader but young readers may find some of the wording too advanced (mostly the Asian names). However, the story lines are simple and enjoyable.
Though the series revolves around Aang, a male character, there are a couple of strong female characters that would entice any adventurous girl. I think my favorite tale had to do with the two girls having a girl's day out. One doesn't want to go to do girly stuff so the other goes overboard with being tough. In the end, they learn that girl stuff can be fun and tough.
This is a must have for any Avatar fan and a great selection for those who like Nickelodeon's action and comedy mixes.

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