Thursday, September 29, 2011

Say Cheese Medusa by Kate McMullan

This third book in the Myth-O-Manic series from Capstone Kids is phenomenal. The "true" story of Medusa and Perseus as told by Hades. It's not accurate to the original myth but a great introduction to Greek Myths for young children.
The story starts with Hades spending a night with his brothers Zeus and Posiden. "Po" wants to picnic with some moon goddesses at Athena's new temple. When Athena finds out, she curses the moon goddesses turning them into gorgons.
Later that night, Hades discovers Danae and Perseus. This starts off a legend in the making.
Hades promises to keep Perseus safe only to find he's grown up to be like his father Zeus - arrogant and lazy. Fun and frolics occur when Perseus sets of to hunt Medusa and bring back her head.
It's a violent concept but the book is violence free. It's witty and amusing with lots of cheese and pop culture references. Perfect for middle grade readers. There are some tough words but the book comes equipped with a glossery of names and another for more difficult words.

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