Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In The Flesh by Koren Shadmi

Every now and again I think I should upgrade my reading and read something more adult oriented. Koren Shadmi's In The Flesh seemed to be something of interest and the themes of the graphic novel were more adult in nature. I have to admit that many adult oriented books disappoint me. I'm not talking erotic here, I'm talking about books that cater to those over the age of 18. You will note that I read a fair amount of YA and juvenile literature. It's not because I am incapable of reading at an adult level but there's something less complicated about a book geared towards younger readers.
Sex or not doesn't really matter to me but I hate when sex becomes the plot. Koren Shadmi's book centered more around sex than I would have believed. I can get over a good smutty book but this was not it. The series of short stories left me puzzled. I feel like there's a joke that I missed the punchline. The saddest part is if someone cared to explain it to me - it still wouldn't be funny.
This book is quite artsy and I don't mind artsy but I like to be able to follow a plot. I can't even explain what this was about which just goes to show you that it was just weird.
I do have to say there were things I liked about this work. One story centered around a young woman who was hit by a pastry truck which left her with a craving for all things baked. At the end, her best friend (a boy) didn't want to be her friend anymore but decided to have sex with her. While he was kissing her neck, she bit a chunk out of his shoulder. I felt he deserved it because he was a jerk.
I'm sure someone thinks Koren Shadmi is brilliant but not me. His art is well created - I just didn't get his stories.

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