Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Last Dragon by Jane Yolen

This graphic novel made me want to sigh, heavily. I can't explain the beauty of this work. Jane Yolen is a master at weaving a story.
Generations after the great Dragon Wars, a new dragon is born. The villagers are no longer able to defeat a dragon. A hero must come save them. What they get is a man pretending to be a hero. Tansy, the healer, has a plan to save the village and make Lancot a hero.
The story is simple but Jane Yolen manages to give it so much depth and life. Rebecca Guay's art compliments it perfectly, giving the reader a full on fairy tale reminiscant of days gone by.
I want to fill this post up with all sorts of descriptions and words but I find they can't express the wonder of this book - you need to go out and get it yourself.
The story will appeal to adult, child, boy or girl. The language is delicate and uncomplicated.

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