Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time to Read

Today has started off with a light steady rain and heavy dark clouds that blocked the sun. It's a perfect day for reading. For me, I like gloomy days and as we move into winter, I read more and more. I love reading but there's something about days that are bleak and dark that encourage me to read more. Often I find that I read a large percentage of my year's goal of 100 books in November and December. In fact, it was a deluge of reading at the end of a year that started the challenge for me.
This year, I am currently at 63 books. This does not take into account any really short books I read since I challenge myself to only include "novels" (whether YA, Juvenile or Adult). I don't know what I will do when I run through the stack of short stories in my Nook. I suppose it will depend on how long they are or if I review them. I don't include children's books but I do include graphic novels (note the word novel in the description). It's not a perfect system but it doesn't have to be.
Anyway, back to the art of reading. On gloomy days, I love to read. For the most perfect situation, I would brew a pot of tea and have some sorts of snacks to go along with the reading. Sometimes cheese and crackers, other times cookies or scones. It has to be something I can eat with my hands and wouldn't mess up my book.
Now that I have a Nook, however, I'm not so keen on the eating and drinking while reading. It's that fatal mix of moisture and technology that worries me. We'll see how it goes this winter. My goal is to get myself to use the Nook more than I use "books" so I can justify the expense of buying it.
I do want to go back to working on the pile of books I own. I have a terrible habit of buying books and then adding them to the growing pile because I get others from the library. I want to read what I have and get rid of those I don't see me reading again. We'll see how that goes.

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