Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Watch Over Our Water by Lisa Bullard

Trina is learning about the Earth's water and has decided to save the planet. She shares with readers tips she learns and the reasons why the water is not safe for drinking.
This is a great book. I am so impressed with the format. It's not preachy and it encourages children to take the initiative to reducing water waste. And it's not overwhelming. So many books offer so many solutions that you feel like you can never do enough. That is not true with this one, at the end you feel like the little things do make a difference.
This is a great classroom book with lessons that can vary from geography to science to even math as children figure out how much water they use or is wasted. It's an easy to understand format and the pictures are so inviting and vibrant.
There is just enough humor to make the book entertaining but not reduce the impact of the message.

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