Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mush by Glenn Eichler

Adult graphic novels are tough. I don't know why but I find them lacking. Mush wasn't bad. It started off rough but it was entertaining.
The novel centers around a team of sled dogs and the various issues they have. It was a little weird. The lead dog spends her time moping about being the lead while Buddy spends his day obsessed with mating. Fiddler is constantly philosophising while Guy plots to take over as lead. It's odd.
It took me some time to identify with the dogs. I wasn't really connecting and you have to connect to the characters even if it's a graphic novel. I will say that I would have been completely lost if this was a written novel.
I didn't really care for the humans and when all was said and done I didn't feel like anything was resolved. Being that this is a graphic novel and not a series, I felt like there should have been something more concrete with the ending.
All in all - this was entertaining and enjoyable. It wouldn't be something I would necessarily seek out but I'm not everyone.

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