Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Holy Terror by Frank Miller

I'm not overly familiar with Frank Miller's work. I have seen his movies but not taken the opportunity to read his graphic novels. When Holy Terror came up, I jumped at the chance. I'm almost sorry I did. It just wasn't the work for me.
To start with, Frank Miller uses the hard black and white images that are difficult for me to see. I had a hard time distinguishing characters. The book starts with two costumed characters - one male, one female - in chase. She is a diamond thief and he is a superhero. That was interesting for me since I like superhero works but their battle was a mess of black with the occasional color thrown in. I couldn't tell who was winning or if I even cared.
I can't remember the female character's name but the male was The Ringer. Their costumes reminded me of luchadores with combat boots. I was already disappointed but there was still potential, especially since The Ringer is concerned he's falling in love with the thief.
Then the explosions happen, I'm still okay with the book so far. It's not going to be a favorite but there still is so much potential until Frank Miller reveals the villian.
I need to point out here that I don't read realistic horror. I don't watch crime or war movies unless they focus on something other than the graphic violence that comes with. I like stories to be my escape. To read about something that is true and horrific disturbs me. Holy Terror disturbed me.
The villian was not some made-up costumed sort that the beginning of the story led me to believe. The man that The Ringer captured was a Muslim who he called Mohammed because that's what all Muslims are called. I was shocked and not in a good way. I was appalled.
What Frank Miller has created was hateful and encourages racism. Now he did through in an Irishman leader to break up the Muslim focused hate but that didn't do the job. He painted a picture that Al Queda was more than just Muslims and that they use them because the Muslim's make for good mindless soldiers. It was just sad and violent and hateful.
I kept hoping for something poinent to come out of this but it never came. There was no real budding romance for The Ringer or at least that the reader saw. It just reminded me that there is a reason I am not a Frank Miller fan. I won't be seeking out his graphic novels.
I won't tell you not to read his work because he has an audience but I will caution parents not to let their children read this one. I don't think my teenage son will be getting any Frank Miller works for his library. It just makes me sad to think that this might just help fuel hate to a group of people who just happen to share a religion with extremists.

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