Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tricky Raven Tales #4 by Chris Schweizer

Part graphic novel, part picture book and part choose your own adventure, Tricky Raven Tales is a fun book for beginning and early readers. The stories are short and simple while allowing the reader control over where the story goes.
Raven is curious and loves collecting objects which gets her into trouble. There are a few morals to these stories but more often than not it's just good fun. Most children will see a little Raven in themselves. There is a little fantasy and lots of magic through Raven's tales.
Reading this book, I wished there had been something like this around when my son was younger. He would have loved the bright pages and the silly stories. There's something about picking which path the character goes down that makes the book extra fun.
I recommend this for young readers, older readers may get frustrated with choosing the story to find it ends in a page or two. The stories are really short and I couldn't find a way to make them longer. It's perfect for readers with short attention spans.

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