Monday, March 26, 2012

Star Trek Volume 1 by Mike Johnson

It’s nice to see comics coming back into fashion. There are so many new titles this year and Star Trek is one that promises to keep on coming. (Okay the titles may not be exactly new since so many of the lines seem to be based on popular shows/movies/games but you know what I mean.)
Based on the latest Star Trek movie, Mike Johnson continues the story with the characters as we know them from JJ Abrams imagining of the popular series.
I have to say that I’m not sure I like James T Kirk in this one. There’s nothing wrong with him except that he’s an arrogant idiot who really needs to pay more attention but then again he may have always been that way.
Any reader is going to guess what is going to happen when the Enterprise comes across a distress beacon out in space. The reports on the beacon claim there’s something out there and what does Kirk do but ask the crew to pick up the beacon and move forward at full speed. (You know right now what’s going to happen, don’t you?) I hate stupid people.
Aside from that, this is a good start to a new series. Not sure I’ll be in a hurry to pick up the next one but I did enjoy it and will most likely enjoy future issues.

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