Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Police Forensics by Adam Sutherland

From the beginning, I knew this was a great book. Written for younger readers, Adam Sutherland starts the book off with a glossary and definitions of some of the more advanced terms. I think more science books should start off that way instead of leaving the definitions to the end of the book. The reader starts the material with a clearer understanding.
Anyone with a fascination with forensics will enjoy this book. I found facts that I hadn’t known. The book is easy to follow and doesn’t bog down with too many details which makes it perfect for the younger reader or reluctant reader. This is not a research paper sort of book but an introduction to the many facets of forensics.
The book ends with resources and websites. I love the discovery investigation site – it might become my new playground with its blogs and games.
This is a great addition to any library. It offers ideas for science lessons – I found myself examining my own fingerprints through that chapter, image what I could have done if I had some paper and ink. I have not seen a situation where a child was not engaged in a fingerprint lesson (and what a nice addition to the emergency file).

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