Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Avalon Chronicles Volume 1: Once in a Blue Moon by Nunzio DeFilippis

Wow – this story just sucked me in and left me wanting. I can’t stand having to wait for the next installment. The worst part is that I am posting this review just as the book is hitting shelves but I read it back in December. It’s going to be a long wait for Volume 2.
Aeslin heard the stories of Avalon as a child. She loved the fantasy until one day her father dies. Fantasy and Avalon are over for her. Years later, she buys a sequal to the book to find it’s a portal between her world and Avalon. Aeslin has a great destiny ahead of her as the Dragon Knight.
There are some twists and turns in this story – some I was expecting, some I was not. I just wish there was more to each novel. Because I have an ARC – I can’t be certain what the book will look like. At the moment it’s a well drawn black and white but I get the impression it will be printed in full color. The drawings are clean so color will only add to the detail. If it stays black and white – it’s still a well put together graphic novel. There are a few characters I had problems determining but part of that has to do with the volume of characters introduced. This is going to be a really fun ride and I can’t wait.

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