Friday, March 23, 2012

Ghostbusters Volume 1 by Tristan Jones

I love the Ghostbusters. I grew up with them and I’m even excited for a third movie that may or may not come out. I can’t help it – I love the movies so much that when the opportunity came to preview the first issue of the comic book I was so there.
I really hate issues over novels because I never get enough of the story. I really dislike that when it comes to graphic novels as well – I want more time with the characters. This was no exception. The story is so good and the characters are just as I remember them (and then they just go away).
I cannot wait for more. I’ll be on the lookout for future issues.
The illustrations are more cartoony for the first part (the part with the Ghostbusters). The second part which is the government reinstating Walter is more realistic and so creepy in result. So far, I haven’t seen anything that would make this unsuitable for children but you never know so proceed with caution.
I can’t really share plot because there’s so little of it but I promise that it’s fun and full of surprises. Now I’m off to watch the movie – need more Ghostbusters!

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