Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Latin Americans Thought of It by Eva Salinas

I found the title of this book a little misleading. I expected a book about things that we use now that originally came from Latin America. There is some of that but the book is about the author’s exploration of the various cultures of Latin America.
The book is a juvenile non-fiction so the segments are short and simple. The information was interesting. Some of the elements are steeped in a long history and some were imported from other countries. I was fascinated by their agricultural and architectural achievements. I just couldn’t believe some of the things an ancient society was able to create.
On a side note – I just am stunned by the pyramids. They are not the same as the ones in Egypt but you cannot tell me that they don’t share a common ancestor somewhere.
I do recommend this book. It’s a great addition to a library from homeschooling or for classroom. The title comes from a series and I look forward to tracking down more from that series especially since they have a Native American issue.
The pictures in the book are amazing. They are beautiful and captivate a culture in a way that every reader will be engaged.

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