Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tao Girls Rule by CJ Golden

I, originally, review CJ's first book Tao of the Defiant Woman on
I was excited to get the opportunity to review this "sequel" on the same site but things change I didn't get the chance. I finally pinned myself down to finish reading this book and share my thoughts about it.
I loved Tao of the Defiant Woman because it was the sort of woman I wanted to be. Tao Girls Rule is a book that just comes too late in my life. I would have loved to have had a copy in my teens, which is the point of this book. Tao Girls Rule is for young woman who are finding their footing in this world. It's designed to help them feel better about them selves and make choices that will lead to lingering happiness not momentary happiness.
I think what's really great about this book is that it encourages girls supporting girls. CJ Golden runs workshops and invites the girls to participate on her website. I'm sure that in this day and age of technology there is a way for these lost girls to find each other and connect through the book. (I just don't know how). I, almost, wish I had my own teenage girl to pass the book on to.
Now I think it's time for CJ to find someone to do the teenage boy equivilent.
Take the time to check out her books - you will not be sorry.

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