Friday, January 14, 2011

Kingdom Keepers 3 by Ridley Pearson

I apologize for sharing another sequel without sharing the first books. I have a few series that I love to read and sadly I am in the middle of them all.
This series is so fun for anyone to read. Ridley Pearson has woven a tale about Disneyworld that makes me wish I didn't live on the other side of the US (I am in Washington which I believe is the furthest state from Florida in the continental US).
Kingdom Keepers follow 5 middle school kids who have been selected to be part of a new Disneyworld program as holographic guides to the park. After getting all the recordings and programming done, the kids think they are done only to find that at night they become their holographic counterparts. They have a mission to save Disneyworld from the evil Overtakers which are Disney characters that come to life at night. It's fun to read about all the different characters and experience the parks in a new way.
I have never had the privilege of visiting Disneyworld but I feel like I know the parks because of these books. There is action, adventure and a little confusing romance as the kids learn about themselves and their tasks.
They are encouraged by Wayne who tries to make them into leaders (in this book Wayne is missing and they have to find him). The five are joined by two runaways who have special gifts - one can dream about the future.
I, almost, hope they turn these into movies (almost because I enjoy the books so much I would prefer everyone read them than settle for a quick fix movie) because I think Disney needs a little more suspense. I found the mysteries to be well thought out. There's a lot to discover in these books from riddles to human nature.

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