Friday, January 14, 2011

American Vampire by Stephen King and Scott Snyder

This was a fun book to read. What a twist on the average vampire tale. I see this and a few other books as an indication of where the vampire tale is going. People are tiring of the romantic version of the vampire and they want vampires back where they belong - in nightmares. The story weaves two tales - one set in the old west and the other in the 20's as a gunslinging outlaw becomes a new breed of vampire - the American Vampire. He's ruthless and different from his European counterparts - he can move in the day and doesn't seem to have the same weaknesses.
This story is moving to a battle between the two types of vampires. Sadly, Skinner Sweet, the outlaw, was the only one of his type until he meets Pearl and makes her like him.
Again this book is a lot of scene setting and little plot even though we get Skinner Sweet's story of how he became a vampire and what measures were taken to prevent him from rising.
It's a really good tale but not sure it's one they'll do for the big screen - at least not yet.

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