Friday, January 14, 2011

Odd is on Our Side by Dean Koontz

This is the second graphic novel written for the Odd Thomas series. I rather like the series. I have read the first Odd Thomas novel and plan on reading more when I make time (so many books so little time).
This edition is a unique story to the series which is really nice since the first graphic novel was a rendition of the first book. I like this story and it returns to a time before Odd's girlfriend was murdered. I really like her character and it's nice to have her back. I really like Odd - he's such a normalish kid.
Odd is a fry cook for a local diner with a comfortable life. He doesn't really wish for anything more except a life with his girlfriend Stormy. He just happens to see ghosts. He feels compelled to follow through with his bad feelings and he occasionally helps the police. He doesn't want to be in law enforcement and he doesn't really want anyone to know he can see ghosts - except those close to him. He knows his gift is meant for helping the dead so he doesn't mind helping them. He's so candid it's refreshing. Odd doesn't really have any existential crisis' nor does he dislike his life in any way. I like that he's content. And I really like that everyone just accepts him the way he is. There are days I would love to live in Odd's world and know that everything is going to work out fine if I just believe in myself.

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