Monday, February 20, 2012

The World in Your Lunch Box by Claire Eamer

The first thing I noticed with this book is the illustrations. They remind me of Roald Dahl books. The illustrators are different but the feeling of childish glee was the same.
The next thing I noticed was the subject (okay maybe it was the other way around but who knows). How could I resist a book about food? Food is great but learning about food is even better. This book comes across as a school assignment. The unidentified main character has to catalog everything that is eaten for lunch and research some of the ingredients.
The research covers science and history. The facts are amusing and interesting. I couldn’t put the book down. The illustrations were funny and so full of character that I often forgot that I was reading a non-fiction book.
This one makes me want to pull out the Roald Dahl cookbooks and have a go at some fun foods. It, also, makes me want to investigate my own lunches. Who wouldn’t want tortillas with peanut butter and bananas – I think I’m now hungry.
This is a great addition to any library from a homeschool to grade school. I’m thinking it might be a fun one for my freshman boy who loves cooking as much as his mama.

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