Friday, February 17, 2012

Daniel X Alien Hunter by James Patterson

I’ve been wanting to read the Daniel X books for some time now but haven’t been able to fit the novels into my current reading schedule. Enter Daniel X the graphic novel and it’s perfect. I get to sample the books in a quick way to determine if I really want to read them.
Sadly, the answer is yes, I really want to read them. Daniel X was fast paced and so full of those various parts that makes a story great. Now I need to find time for the novels.
Daniel is a young man on his own. His parents died when he was young, leaving him to learn and follow his destiny alone. Well, sort of alone. Daniel can create things from his imagination – that’s because Daniel is the son of a legendary Alien Hunter sent to Earth to capture alien fugitives. Daniel has recreated his family and given himself friends but they are only around for periods of time.
The story weaves current day with Daniel’s past but still manages to leave just enough questions to make the reader want more. This is a sad tale and a hopeful one. Daniel is after Number 7 but he lacks information about that particular alien except that he likes to import other weaker aliens to Earth so that they can be hunted. Number 7’s only weakness comes in the form of his teenage son, Kildare.
Kildare and Daniel become friends. The story shifts from the hunt to learning independence. Kildare and Daniel have so much in common. Number 7 has no love for his son but that won’t save any of them when the battle lines are drawn.
Pick this one up. I love James Patterson to begin with. Daniel X promises to remain a great tale.

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