Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pinocchio Vampire Slayer and the Great Puppet Theater by Dusty Higgins and Van Jensen

These are great books. As graphic novels often are, they are far too short but I still love them. There’s a ton of action and the length is quite nice. They are a little violent but it’s quick and hidden in the black and white frames.
I love the creative allowance the authors have taken. The concept of Pinocchio as a vampire slayer is perfect, his growing nose makes for a ready stake. However, things change when Pinocchio is made into a real boy. Now he’s having to learn how to fight all over again and can’t rely on having his nose at the ready. This, also, opens up the opportunity for romance.
Teens and adults will love this retelling of the fairy tale. I understand that vampire slaying tales are popping up all over the place as well as re-imagined tales that bring so many more stories into the horror genre. I think this is the best I have read. I would love to see these as movies but they’d have to be done as cartoons which would alter the feeling.
Oh well, guess I will have to settle for waiting for book number three.

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