Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bart Simpson’s Guide to Life by Matt Groening

I have such fond memories of the Simpson’s, especially Bart. There’s something entertaining in his absolute determination to be anti-everything. He’s rude, disobedient, obnoxious and yet we love him.
I can’t really describe this book. It’s a conglomeration of Bart’s wisdom from sex to religion to cheating in school. Some of the information is based in fact but I wouldn’t use it for a report. Despite it feeling childish, this book is not for children. The language is a little rough and there are some ideas your children just don’t need to have come from someone else (let alone think of on their own).
I thoroughly enjoyed this trip down memory lane. I felt like I was back in high school pouring over Life is Hell in the back of class with my friends. This is one you could probably read over and over because there are so many little parts to each page. I’m glad I picked this up. I needed a little sunshine to carry me on to spring.

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