Friday, February 3, 2012

Mystery at Blackbeard’s Cove by Audrey Penn

As juvenile fiction goes, this book would be on the top of my list for recommendations. It’s a great story that would entertain boys, girls, young and old. The tale centers around four children – Stephanie, Mark, Daniel, and Billy. They are not exactly the best of friends, more like family. Their favorite pastime is visiting with Mrs. McNemmish. Theodora McNemmish is descended from Blackbeard the pirate and loves to fill her visits with stories of plunder and treasure. Theodora is quite elderly and, one day, asks the children to bury her at sea and in return she will give them treasure.
When Mrs. McNemmish does pass away, the children set out to fulfill their promise. Theodora is buried at sea so she might join Blackbeard on his ghost ship. However, finding the treasure was harder than it looked. Not only did they have to search but against a cunning, evil man who wants the treasure for himself. Theodora hasn’t left the children without help. She and Blackbeard assist from the beyond. The result is a thrilling humorous tale.
Audrey Penn has written a fun story steeped in history. Readers won’t feel lectured, nor do the lessons interfere with the tale. I do think there were bits of the story that dragged on slightly and places where the information given was far too much but that had less to do with the history and more to do with trying to tie up too many loose ends. I did enjoy this story and I will warn for juvenile – it’s 350 plus pages.

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This sounds like a fun read and a nice history lesson in the process!!