Friday, October 29, 2010

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

I am a rebelious reader - even against myself. It seemed the more I wanted myself to read the juvenile genre and finish the list of books I wanted to read - the less interested I was in reading them. I guess that's a strategy that just won't work. I love finding new books and I love the library (which is why I never read anything I buy - weird problem I have).
I found Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Angel in the list of new books at the library and tucked it under all the other books I wanted to read. With the book due Saturday, I finally picked it up and started it yesterday. Cassandra Clare is such a great storyteller. Her plots are thick and full of action. There are a ton of twists and turns (many you don't expect at all). She mixes fantasy, horror, romance and action into a runaway train - once you start you just can't stop. To my dismay, I finished the book today after starting it less than 24 hours ago (all 476 pages). She writes her books in trilogies so no problem - all get the next one except it's has yet to be published (drat).
For those not familiar with Cassandra Clare - her first series was the Mortal Instruments which introduced the world of the Shadowhunters - warriors created by angels to hunt demons. The books were amazing, in fact I am considering re-reading them just to get my fix until books 2 and 3 come out in her newest series The Infernal Devices. These books are "prequels" of a sort. They are set in 1878 and follow Tessa Gray as she discovers what she really is. In this book - she comes to London from America to find the brother who sent for her is missing. She, also, discovers that she can become anyone. She is rescued from the evil Dark Sisters by the Shadowhunters and it just goes from there.
Tessa just wants to be a normal heroine like the ones she reads about in books. She wants to be swept away by a dark and brooding hero and be happy. She never expected to have to fight demons to save herself and her brother. It's an interesting mix and really thought provoking concept - in this first book Tessa has her entire world turned upside down with no sign of it ever being righted. She is talking with another character about her discovery that she is not human and he replies "You've always been what you are. That's not new. What you'll get used to is knowing it." I like this idea - She's not different but her knowledge of herself is different - makes you think it can be applied in so many ways.
I really recommend this book and I'll even recommend it's sequels - I have that much faith in them.

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