Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Discworld Graphic Novels by Terry Pratchett

I am not sure I am going to become a Terry Pratchett fan but this book was enjoyable. I find his imagination to be fun and full of adventure. I have yet to read one of his novels (I have seen a couple of films based on his works).
This story follows Twoflower as he goes on vacation. That is a very funny idea for a book because his vacation becomes a huge adventure but he never stops being a tourist. He meets Rincewind, a failed wizard who has a great spell stuck in his head. They go on this great journey to all sorts of faraway lands and meet all these people. Rincewind has to save the world from crashing into the sun but doesn't really want to be a hero.
I can't really share much more since it's a graphic novel. The pictures are fascinating. The concept of discworld is amazing. The world is a flat land that rests on 4 elephants all standing on the back of a large turtle. This is a no holds barred story and touches on all sorts of mythology and concept. I think I may try a novel in the near future and see where it goes.

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