Monday, October 4, 2010

Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

I actually read 2 of these graphic novels - Welcome to the Jungle and Storm Front Vol 1. I had read Storm Front in paperback a year or so ago and had not found myself really wanting to read more. It's funny how a graphic novel can change that. I now find myself wanting to read another Dresden File book. I can't remember what I didn't like about Storm Front but it could have been more about my mood than the book it's self.
Welcome to the Jungle is a pre-quel that Jim Butcher wrote exclusively for graphic novel. It's an introduction to Dresden. We follow him track a supernatural killer who has blamed the murder of a zoo security guard on a gorilla. I appreciate Jim Butcher's ability to craft a story. You really feel like Harry Dresden is just a normal person who happens to be a wizard.
In Storm Front, you learn more about the man behind the magic and you really see him as a PI. He's hated by all (why is that a popular theme in PI stories) but he doesn't really let that stop him. Storm Front is not for the faint of heart - the story centers around the murder of lovers who have had their rib cages explode (for a lack of better description). The pictures are a little graphic but I can guarantee the written word was more so.
I had that graphic novels don't always complete a story and now I have to wait to see if the library gets more (and I remember what happened in the first book).

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