Monday, October 4, 2010

Pinocchio Vampire Slayer by Van Jensen & Dusty Higgins

I needed a break from Juvenile fiction and jumped at the chance to read a bunch of new graphic novels from the library.
This books is cute in a way. The idea of Pinnochio as a vampire slayer is really an interesting idea. The book is drawn in black and white giving the story an old fashioned feel.
I love stories that play with your idea of what a character should be like. In this version, Pinnochio never got to be a real boy. Guipetto was murdered by vampires leaving a very bitter wooden boy who uses his nose to stake the very monsters that took away his father. He's not alone - he has a team consisting of The Blue Fairy and Mr Cherry a carpenter.
Because graphic novels are so short there's not really much I can say about the plot that wouldn't be telling.
I highly recommend this little treat.

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