Monday, November 8, 2010

With The Light

This book was the first graphic novel I have ever found in the parenting section of the library. I thought it was such a cool idea that I picked it up without really looking at what it was about. With the Light is the story of a couple in Japan who has had their first child to find out he has autism. If I understand correctly this is volume 1 and out there somewhere is a volume 2.
This story was amazingly touching. I told my husband it was too hard to read because it made me want to cry. As a parent with a child with autism it hit too close to home. I was thoroughly impressed with the challenges they faced and how difficult it is to just raise a child in Japan. There are no disability laws like in the United States but the parents came up with creative ways to give their son the best they could. That didn't mean they were super parents - they made mistakes. They had thier problems but the best part is they never really stopped being a family (once they figured out family was worth fighting for).
It's a tough book to read, emotionally but well worth it. I look forward to finding the second volume and seeing how the boy grows up.

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