Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wolverine - Old Man Logan by Mark Millar

After reading Mark Millar's Wanted I wasn't excited to read anything else by him. I picked up this graphic novel not realizing that it was Millar's work. I loved it. I love when authors twist characters and put them into unusual settings. I think I like that far more than just reading about the character in their normal stories.
In this "world", the villians have taken over. There was a battle that left most of the superheroes broken (that is if they survived at all).
Wolverine is one of those that survived but he has given up being Wolverine and is just Logan. He married and had kids. He and his family live on a homestead in California that looks just like the Wild West. They are struggling to make ends meet. Their land is owned by The Hulk and his group of redneck children. The Hulk family is violent and unforgiving but allow Logan 30 days to catch up his rent.
He meets up with another superhero (at this moment I have forgotten who since it wasn't one I was familiar with) who offers Logan a job. All Logan has to do is be a bodyguard/navigator while the other man drives a package across the country.
They meet up with a variety of villians and superheroes in an equal variety of locations and situations. There is a slight underground movement with the hope of returning the power to the heroes.
The ending is typical of Wolverine stories but still a good journey to go on. I don't know if this is a new series or just a random story. I kind of hope it's a series that I can track down because the world was fascinating.

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