Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rivermarked by Patricia Briggs

I cannot express how much I love this series by Patricia Briggs. Mercy Thompson is the woman I want as my best friend. The stories are so fun and adventurous. Mercy is the kind of woman who doesn't mind getting dirty and yet seems to still be a woman. She's not frilly but she still likes being treated like a woman.
In this book, she and Adam have finally gotten married. The wedding was hilarious. Adam takes her on a camping honeymoon near Mary Hill museum. I have to say that it would have been my ideal of a honeymoon had I thought of it. I loved the description of the area and the incorporation of the museum into the story.
Of course, this is Mercy we are talking about and what vacation would be complete without the ghost of her father and a huge monster in the river eating people.
I thought the story of Mercy's father was quite touching and the introduction of a few new characters (Mercy learns she's not the only one who can turn into an animal and not be a Werewolf). There's some Native American folklore which pulls out some of Mercy's heritage. It's a great book and I could talk about it all day but that would ruin some things for those who want to read the book (and possibly the series).

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