Monday, May 16, 2011

The Night of the Living Dead by John Russo

This is one of those graphic novels that a parent must read before allowing their child to read it. It is not appropriate for children. It's not overly violent but there is a lot of drawn nudity and sex. I was a little shocked at how graphic that was.
This graphic novel is based on the original Night of the Living Dead movie. It jumps around various characters and scenes as the first wave of zombies happen. There is some interesting insight to some of the characters that wasn't in the original movie.
It's an okay story. I think I would have preferred if it stayed with just the original characters or excluded them completely. It just felt like something was missing. Granted it's going to be a series so that may account for some of the missing something but I can't say for certain.
I can't really say I liked this either. It's not the worst I have read but it won't be the best either. It's entertaining enough.

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