Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Unintentional Humor by Brent and Linda Gund Anderson

Autism is a hot topic these days. The news is filled with new research. Bookstores offer the latest cure or diet treatment as well as volumes of how to parent a child with Autism. In all of this slips this little book that offers a different view into the Autistic brain with a little humor. Brent Anderson has Autism. Speaking to Brent was often a challenge for his mother Linda Gund Anderson. He’s not stupid or retarded, Brent’s brain is just more literal than what we consider normal thinking. Unintentional Humor is not a peek into Autism as much as it’s a Gilbert and Sullivan poke at the English language. This illustrated tome picks at those phrases we use without thinking and offers a peek into what those phrases mean to someone with a literal mind. Linda said that when Brent and Alan J Lewis (the illustrator) were working on the book, there was a lot of Alan agreeing with Brent. Perhaps Alan has a literal mind and maybe we all are just so comfortable with these phrases that we don’t stop to think about the ridiculous words that come out of our mouths. I will say that my friend and I would often giggle about a particular phrase my father would use “sh*t fire and little fishes.” We had (and still have) no idea what it really means but it was sure fun to say. I can’t say enough about this book to make you really understand what a wonderful addition it is to your library. It was important to the Andersons to make this book accessible to all ages so it’s reader friendly for even young readers. There are explanations and origins for the phrases at the back of the book. There are so many things one can do with this book. For more information, visit www.celebrateautism.com. Keep an eye out for Linda and her van, she just may be coming your way.

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