Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Lavender Lover’s Handbook by Sarah Berringer Bader

I always thought lavender was lavender. I didn’t realize there were hundreds of varieties. I suppose I should have known this since there is no such thing as a singular plant type but it rather surprised me to know that there was so much variety in lavender.
Sarah’s book not only breaks down all the varieties of lavender but helps the reader determine which variety is best for their environment and usage. She starts of discussing soil and planting choices. The book then breaks down the different types of lavender and explains what environments they thrive in. This might actually help me keep a lavender plant this year since I’ve not had luck in getting them to winter over.
Much of the information in this book is about gardening with lavender in mind. However, the last part of the book is on things you can do with lavender. Sarah starts with recipes for cooking with lavender which is growing in popularity. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we already know how lavender can be used in food since lavender festivals have become quite popular here but you don’t see a lot of recipes with so much variation. I like the idea of lavender sugar – what a fun addition to Sunday tea.
The last chapter is crafts and home remedy sort of recipes. I am just fascinated with the number of ideas Sarah has offered. I’m looking forward to spring. I have my variety of lavender all picked out thanks to this book and may have even decided on a spot (at least a ballpark for where to plant the lavender).

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