Friday, April 6, 2012

Dungeons and Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt by Geno Salvatore

This comic book/graphic novel is part of the Neverwinter Tales, between Gauntlgrym and Neverwinter. I have never read either one, in fact I picked this up to review because I was familiar with Dungeons and Dragons in one form or another but I had no idea I missed an entire series out there. This was interesting. I wouldn’t mind picking up the Neverwinter Tales. There’s not a lot of story in this first issues, which is common in comics. A dwarf wakes up after a great battle to find he is the only one alive. He remembers dying and can’t quite understand why he’s alive. That’s is, until he remembers what killed him. That dwarf is now vampire-like (there is similarities but then a mention of something called a battlerager). The idea of a vampire dwarf is really great. I love it and can’t wait to find more of this story – what fun.

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