Friday, March 11, 2011

Captive Hearts vol 1 by Matsuri Hino

This book was a collection of 3 romantic mangas. A Manga is an asian style graphic novel (for those who didn't know). They are not as seriously drawn as American graphic novels and this one was super over the top but it worked.
The stories are interesting tales of love but in the early stages of the relationship. The relationships are very innocent. I am not even certain there was any kissing. The first story is great - about a young man cursed to be the servant of a young girl and some times he has manservent fits.
Not only are the stories fun but the author inserts little notes through out the book which only add to the stories. She admits that they are silly and over the top which makes it easier for the reader to get into the stories.
My son actually picked out this book and the second volume but I have a feeling that this is not a book for boys. It's too romantic and silly and no fighting (unless boys getting hit over the head by a girl counts).
A fun and easy read but more time consuming that I thought. I expected to get both volumes done this afternoon and only got one which is nice to know that they take a little more effort (most manga are super quick reads and pricey when you buy them at the bookstore).

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