Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lionel and the Book of Beasts by E Nesbit

E Nesbit's name comes up on a number of must read lists for children. I was a little shocked when the librarian handed me a colorful picture book instead of the novel like juvenile book I had imagined it would be. Nonetheless, the book was on the list and I read it. It was fun. Little Lionel wakes up one morning to find he has been made king - his great great great great great grandfather was the last king and since then the people of his kingdom have been saving up to buy him a real crown. Lionel's grandfather (many greats) had been a wizard and so had a magical library. In that library was the Book of Beasts and whatever page Lionel turned to released the Beast on the page. It was alright until he got to Dragon. Lionel was forced to save his kingdom from his mistake. It's a short happy book with large colorful pictures and well worth it's place on the must read books.

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