Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Colorado Kid by Stephen King

Granted this is not a juvenile book but I can't help when requested books will come in from the library. This is a short, easy to understand book so it could easily be read by a juvenile. This book is not your typical Stephen King. I wanted to read it because I have fallen in love with Haven on the Syfy channel which is based on this book. I was a little nervous that it might ruin the show for me - like give me the answer to the mystery. The book was good maybe even great but I haven't really decided yet.
The book is a story told from two elderly newsreporters (at a very small newspaper in a small town)to their young intern. The story they tell is about a man who is found on the beach 25 years earlier. No one knows really how he died and he had no identification. They tell her how they discovered his identity and all the little mysteries they solved but in the end - there is only mystery no solution.
In someways, I really liked that it wasn't all neatly wrapped up in a bow - it allows me to come up with my own solutions. But then I really am not one who likes an unanswered mystery so I suppose it's a good thing I really like the TV show.
It's a well composed story so I definetly recommend it.

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