Monday, September 20, 2010

The Ghost of Fossil Glen by Cynthia DeFelice

I love reading a book and then discovering it has sequels. This is one of those books and unfortunately, the sequels were not on my list so I have to wait until the next library trip to get them.
The Ghost of Fossil Glen follows the story of Allie, an 11 year old girl with a very active imagination. However, what happens to her is not a figment of her imagination but a very real and very frightening experience. While playing in Fossil Glen, Allie starts hearing a voice - not voices just one. Then she comes home to find a journal giftwrapped with her name on the box. This is just the start of the mystery. Allie discovers a girl her age disappeared from Fossil Glen, a few years earlier. What happened to this girl and was her disappearance a crime?
Cynthia DeFelice pulls the reader into a ride that is sure to please. I love how she touches on important matters without making them the focus of the story - for example, how do you know who your real friends are? This is a question even adults ask. Allie says "When you start to see ghosts and hear voices - that's when you find out who your friends really are."
Another topic is about imagination. Personally, I have a great imagination and think it should be considered a great atribute. Sadly, not everyone feels this way. So when does imagination become lying and when is it not appropriate? I really think that we praise some people for their imagination and force it away from others - which is not really fair. This world can made for dreamers too!!!

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