Friday, September 10, 2010

Juvenile and Young Adult Books

I love getting books from the juvenile and young adult book sections of the library. Some may think it's a little weird but when you think about some of the most popular books lately have come out of the young adult genre - Harry Potter and Eclipse. However they are not the only great books on the shelves. For the next month (in theory 3 weeks since that's how long the check-out is at our library), I plan on reading a large stack of Juvenile books and sharing here. I will then share them here. Some of the books I have selected have come from well known authors in book children and adult genres, some come highly recommended from various child must read lists and the rest I find on my own. Because I am starting with Juvenile I expect myself to read the books rather fast so there will be quite a variety popping up here. After that I will move to my Young Adult list of must reads and see where I go from there. I want to spend some time this fall reading some of the classics as well - such as Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz. If any one has suggestions I am willing to try them.

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