Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Star Trek Legion of Superheroes by Chris Roberson

How fun does this sound – mixing Star Trek with DC superheroes. I just knew I had to sample this new comic series. I have to say I was disappointed. The story opens with the Imperial forces (is that really what they were called?) attacking a peaceful planet because they refused to pay taxes. Then the introductions to the Legion of Superheroes left me uninspired. Why are there no cool superheroes in the legion? Perhaps these are the flunkies that get the worst assignments but with names like Chameleon Boy and Brainy I can see why. I wanted something cool. I loved the description of this story – who could resist the mash up of superheroes and Star Trek? I just don’t think the end result was worth it. I found the whole thing far too cartoony. Maybe they are going for a sixties nostalgic feel – a combination of Hanna Barbara and the over the top Star Trek series. I’d believe it if Captain Kirk looked more like William Shatner. As it was the Star Trek characters resembled poorly drawn versions from the television show. This series was completely lost on me. Maybe it’s because I’m not the right audience. It’s always possible but I can’t tell you who would be the perfect audience. My dad might be the target but I can’t picture him even pretending to read a comic book, let alone the entire series.

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