Thursday, May 10, 2012

Echo’s Revenge by Sean Austin

This book was fun. Probably not the best written book out there but I still enjoyed. I find it funny that so many books lately have been breaking the rules to what is considered good writing. I have found the rules were too stuffy anyway. I love the chaos of this book. There are so many characters but two main characters – Reggie and Jeremy. I love that you get perspective from multiple characters. I didn’t think it made it confusing but it definitely added to the chaos which was perfect for this book. Reggie lives with his mom, her boyfriend and his brother Jeremy. Life is just about surviving the day to day – his mom is a total flake and her boyfriend is an abusive jerk. Reggie and his brother escape into ECHO’s Revenge, an online interactive game. Reggie is a master at the game and is invited to be part of a focus group. He goes feeling like he’s got something positive in his life. The group is not the best experience but he still feels special. His mom’s boyfriend discovers his trip and the punishment is severe. Time for escape, Reggie and his brother run away. The boys don’t realize that their running away have saved their lives. ECHO is real and he is working his way through the gamers. (The book gets a little hooky here as the pictures of the missing gamers appear on milk cartons the next day but it’s just requires a little belief suspension.) The boys now have two things they are running from – their mom’s boyfriend and ECHO. They are not without support and with each new person, Reggie learns something new. It is this knowledge that helps him survive when ECHO finally catches up to him and his brother. It’s almost a coming of age book as we watch Reggie grow during this ordeal. It’s a fun and exciting book. The style is easy to read and engaging. I’m glad this is the first of a series and I get to watch it blossom as well. For more fun offers interactive play with the characters and books.

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