Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Terrible, Awful, Horrible Manners by Beth Bracken

“Once there was a boy named Pete who had terrible, awful, horrible manners.”
Pete is horribly rude. He’s loud, unclean and forgets to say please and thank you. His poor manners got him attention and made him laugh until one day his family decided to act like Pete. It didn’t take long for Pete to start reminding them of their manners.
This is a cute book and would be loved by most boys. Pete is loud and likes body noises which would appeal to the male persuasion. Some girls might enjoy Pete but they may be turned off by the burping and farting.
I’m not really sure this is a great manners book but it’s enjoyable and can open up a dialogue with a young child. This is definitely a young child book but wouldn’t make it long into grade school. This would be a perfect pre-school or kindergarten library book.

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