Monday, January 30, 2012

Knits for Nerds by Toni Carr

I have to admit – I can’t knit. I want to but it’s just not a skill I possess. That doesn’t stop me from looking at knitting books and dreaming. Most books are just variations of the same patterns. This one, however, caught my eye with the possibility of something so outrages that I would just have to learn to knit.
I was slightly disappointed in the patterns because they really did come off fairly normal but this book is so fun I didn’t care. It’s the perfect book. Toni Carr is witty and thoroughly entertaining. Her patterns tug at the heart of all those who just love science fiction. A good portion of the patterns are typical but have some root in a science fiction character – for example there are patterns for the signature sweater vests from the characters in Big Bang Theory.
The patterns run from the beautiful to the silly. There is something for everyone in this book. I just need to find someone to knit for me.

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