Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crawl To Me by Alan Robert

This is another single issue. I’m not sure how I feel about this particular work. The story was well set up but I don’t have the patience to wait for another issue.
Crawl to Me is the story of a man who witnesses his neighbor shoot a group of police officers before he falls himself. Ryan goes to see if there are any survivors to find that the man on the porch had done something to him as a child. One can guess it was sexual since the police had said he was a registered sex offender and the connecting image is the man’s belt buckle.
Ryan is mentally disturbed and one can guess that this is due to the abuse he suffered as a child but this didn’t really connect for me. I didn’t like the style of the art in this series. I’m just not a fan of monochromatic drawings especially those that throw in jarring colors. It’s too hard on my eyes and makes me not want to pay attention to the work. I like art that allows me to see the story quickly as I read. Monochromatic styles hid too many of the details.
I can see potential in this series but I’m not sure that’s enough to encourage me to pick up more issues. As I have said, I prefer the novel approach but I understand the single issue format. I hope that I am able to pick this up in novel form soon enough before I forget that I was interested.
*Note - I wrote this review weeks ago. Yesterday, I read an article that Crawl to Me has already been optioned for a movie. According to NetGalley this comic book/graphic novel was set to be published on January 17th. According to the article, it's already sold out it's first printing and a second one is quick in the works. I'm a little frustrated by the incorrect dates on NetGalley because I'm trying to match the reviews to the publishing dates but no matter. I look forward to reading more than the first issue because maybe there is more to this than I originally thought.

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