Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Before E by Susan Randol

When I picked up this book, I thought it was a grammar book but it’s a book on mnemonics. The book is broken into subjects from Science to Language Arts to History and offers easy ways to remember facts. The book is written for school aged children but would prove useful for any age group.
Some of the mnemonics are ones I remember and others are not. The author offers opportunities to create your own based on the information you need to remember. For those who might pass over a book like this, I would like to share that there are still mnemonics that I use to this day. Some I can’t help but to remember as I access that particular fact. For example, I find myself singing H-A-double L- O W- double E – N spells Halloween every October without fail even though I haven’t actually heard the song since second grade.
Who can forget ROY G BIV or Mary Visits Every Monday and Just Stays Until Noon Period (that’s not in the book but there are similar ones for remembering the order of the planets). Mnemonics are a great teaching tool and this is a wonderful resource for those who want to find an easy way to remember facts.
The book even offers mnemonics for remembering how to spell tricky words. I know there are a few I struggle with that will become easier due to this book.
Subjects in this book: Calendar, Astronomy, Geography, Language Arts, History, Math and Music.

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