Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Aliens: Fast Track to Heaven by Liam Sharp

What a privilege to read a graphic novel before it’s published. In this case, the work is a novella – shorter than the average graphic novel. I didn’t think they could get shorter, to be honest. It was far too brief for my taste but a nice treat anyway.
Aliens was drawn wonderfully. The monster remained true to the movies. I wasn’t so keen on the multicolor panes for the characters. I prefer clean drawings but this one was filled with green, red and blue squares making it difficult for me to connect with the characters. I had difficulty determining the characters in the beginning. I know that in the horror genre, getting to know the characters can often play second to the monster.
The world was different than the worlds of Ripley in the movies and I didn’t quite connect to it. I can only hope that this was just a sample of what they are going to do with the Aliens franchise. I want to know more about this future and its intricate parts. I didn’t see a character that stood out like Ripley and it would be nice to have someone to connect with while the Aliens are wreaking havoc.
I’d read more, if offered. I may even look out for more Liam Sharp. Because this was an e-copy instead of a print copy, I did have difficulty reading some of the print but I hope that isn’t true in the print copy.

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