Monday, November 14, 2011

Real Cidermaking on a Small Scale by Michael Pooley

I make up my own version of cider and have for years but I really want to learn how to use a ciderpress. When the opportunity to review this book came up, I jumped at it and hoped I could make use of the information while I still have access to apples.
This is a well written book on making cider. It defines apple qualities, press options and finishes with fermenting choices and recipes for using the cider.
The only complaint I have is that the author is from England and the apple selection is available in the UK and not the United States. That won't stop me from using the press information, it just means more experimenting with the apple choices I have (which here is Washington is vast).
There are plenty of instructions for making a ciderpress but I may cheat and purchase one. Regardless of where the press comes, I still can't wait to play with the recipes at the back of the book - fish baked in cider, yummy!

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